Thursday, 30 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – English Green – How Long Can The English Countryside Survive?
“ENGLISH GREEN is a group interested in ecology and its relationship with all aspects of human activity. How we co-exist with the flora and fauna and how we conduct ourselves in an ecologically healthy manner and how we achieve a spiritual and material well-being are of particular interest.”

ENGLISH GREEN has just produced a new e-poster. The artwork was put up a week or so ago on its Facebook page We’ve reproduced it above and as can be seen, it effectively asks what represents the greatest danger(s) to the English countryside and wildlife.

It’s probably true to say that humans are responsible for virtually all cases of environmental destruction. As much of ‘civilised’ society is based on greed we live completely out of sync with nature. Our cities and towns appear to expand on a never ending basis. And agribusiness seeks to saturate the land with chemicals and seems happy to consign animals to a living hell in factory farms.

Greed also entends to both the sea and air. Many environmentalists believe that the sea is over fished and is polluted – especially with plastics. And some smaller towns are now having issues with air quality, the result of people using the car for the smallest of journeys and getting stuck in traffic jams as a result!

Another threat to the English countryside is the way private banks control the supply of money. This means that there’s never any ‘money’ to improve the environment. Also worth pondering is how many politicians and journalists are in the pay of – or at least influenced by – those who effectively have an interest in exploiting the environment and animals?

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