Sunday, 21 July 2024

From The Liberty Wall – 4WR – Issue 155 Out Now!
IN MARCH 1984 John Papworth, Lord Beaumont of Whitley, Professor Leopold Kolir, John Seymour and Edward Goldsmith issued The General Declaration Of The Fourth World. It was a radical and pioneering “attempt to define the basic causes of the global crisis of the Twentieth Century, and with some positive proposals indicating what may be done to resolve it.”

1984 also saw the production of the first issue of Fourth World Review (4WR) which sought to highlight the dangers of gigantism in all spheres of human activity. As its alternative 4WR believed in the ideal summed up in the slogan, ‘Small is Beautiful!’

Describing the Fourth World, it noted:

The Fourth World is the world of the human scale. It is a world in which authority for all decisions stems from the , base unit of society the village. We now know that the presumed authority of the individual voter to exercise effective control over giant centralised governments is far too small in relation to the whole. It is the local neighbourhood, , whether urban or rural, which is the true locus of citizen concern and which is the true locus of citizen power. There must be some large structures in society, but these need to be \ controlled and ordained by village councils, otherwise the giant central government rides roughshod over the liberties of private citizens, and envelops them in an overmighty bureaucratic complex.

All power to the Village!”

Nearly 30 years on from that first issue we’re glad to say that 4WR is still going strong – indeed, issue 155 has just been issued! And this latest issue looks at both Libertarianism and Self-Determination.

The subject of Libertarianism is covered in two interviews conducted by 4WR joint-Editor, Wayne John Sturgeon. Those interviewed are Sean Gabb, Director of the London-based Libertarian Alliance (LA) and Professor Hillel Steiner of the University of Manchester. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that Mr. Gabb is Britain’s most high-profile (and thus well-known) ‘orthodox’ libertarian. Professor Steiner, on the other hand, is one of the leading advocates of ‘Left-Libertarianism.’

Self-Determination is the subject of a major feature in 4WR. It looks at the new self-determinist pressure group, Nations without States. 4WR appears to be very impressed with their determination, work rate, activism and dual strategy of working on the streets and in the corridors of power. Indeed, it describes this dual strategy as one of Tradition & Revolution.

Issue 155 of 4WR also includes editorials and some excellent reviews. If you’re a free thinker and political non-conformist you’ll want to read this copy. To get hold of it, simply e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf and July Supporters Bulletin.

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