Monday, 20 May 2024

English Voice Says … National Freedom For England & Social Justice For The English!

ENGLISH VOICE – The Voice of the National Liberal Party in England – produced its first e-poster in support of the NHS early last year.  Its follow-up e-poster calls for National Freedom & Social Justice for England and the English.

In effect it’s a call for Self-Determination – so let’s take a look at what English VoiceEV – is calling for:

• National Freedom For England. England is the only nation within the UK that doesn’t have its own Parliament or Assembly.  At best, this represents a democratic deficit – at worst it’s another example of the establishment’s policy of Anglophobia.

England needs its own Parliamnet which will look after Englsih affairs – including the introduction of a formal constitution and bill of rights and the establishment of St. George’s Day as a national holiday.

EV would also like to see a saner and fairer voting system.  The ‘First Past The Post’ system has had its day – one only has to look at the results of last General Election to see that.  Instead, EV proposes popular rule involving Proportional Representation, voter recall, Referendums and Preferendums.  A ‘None of the Above’ option should appear on all election ballots.

•  Social Justice For The English! EV wants a stable, sustainable, yet properous economy.  We’d like to see our people in apprenticeships or full employment – and not schemes designed to rig the unemployment figures.  There should also be a living wage for everyone.

We’d also like to see affordable and decent housing for all.  The National Health Service should be regarded as a system of healthcare accesable to everyone – regardless of their economic circumstances.  The NHS should be a public service and not for private profit.

In addition, there should be generous provision for disability, maternity leave and retirement.  We also believe in free access to public education at all levels – from nursery school to university.  Those with special educational needs should also be well catered for.

The National Liberal Party would ask all of its members and supporters to viral this EV e-poster out via Social Media.  ‘Like and Share’ it on Facebook and retweet it via Twitter.
National Freedom For England & Social Justice For The English!

•  Check out the first e-poster produced by English Voice here:

•  Check out issue 1 of English Voice here:

•  Check out issue 2 of English Voice here:
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