Sunday, 14 April 2024

English Voice 2 Says Self-Determination For The English Nation!
ISSUE TWO of English Voice – the Voice of the National Liberal Party in England – is out now!

The main article sets out the National Liberal Party’s vision of England. Like all genuine self-determinists we don’t want to dominate or ‘lord it up’ over others. All we really want is a little place to call our own – a place where ordinary Englishmen and women can live in accordance with their traditions, customs and way of life.

This Anglocentric stance doesn’t mean that we oppose or hate others. We just want to preserve and protect England’s distinct nature. Unlike globalists, we have no wish or desire to see England look like every other nation under the sun. This would make us soulless and bland. Our quirks and customs make England (and the English) unique.

With its rejection of jingoism, supremacy and Empire, English Voice attempts to blow out of the water the stereotypical view of English nationalists and patriots as beer-swilling, extreme right-wing racists who’re only capable of chanting ‘En-ger-land’ at international football matches.

To reinforce this message, the cover of EV2 features dramatic artwork – a phoenix rising from the ashes of a dying (British) Empire, with the Cross of St. George in the background.

With this in mind, another article in EV notes that it wants to fight Anglophobia – where the establishment seems to portray any pride in England and the English in a wholly negative and derogatory manner” by producing pro-English media (on at least) a monthly basis.

• To get hold of your FREE pdf copy of issue 2 of English Voice, simply e-mail natliberal@aol and ask for it to be sent to you as soon as possible!
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