Sunday, 16 June 2024

Campaign Report No. 1


The following text was our Rusilip, Northwood & Pinner candidate Sockalingam Yogalingam’s statement to the local press. He has also taken part in an Election husting’s meeting with other candidates, spoken at various local temples and given interviews to a number of Community medias. ‘Team Yogi’ has also been busy distributing flyers throughout the area. Good luck Yogi!


You too can help his campaign by making a donation today via (note General Election Campaign as a reference), or by cheque to NLP, c/o PO Box 4217, Hornchurch RM12 4PY


Five reasons Sockalingam Yogalingam wants your vote in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner for the National Liberal Party

1) My name is Sockalingam Yogalingam but everyone calls me Yogi. I am 47, married with children and an estate agent. I originally came from Sri Lanka thirty years ago to escape persecution and I am eternally grateful for Britain for giving me a refuge in my time of need. I am now standing to be an MP to help give something back to my adopted country.

2) Many of you will be fed up with career politicians claiming to act in our best interests but really acting for themselves. It is not surprising that many people do not even bother to vote. Instead, we need MPs who actually listen to us and then act on our behalf rather than someone else’s.

3) Furthermore, for too long politicians have been out of touch with the views of the people. In contrast, the National Liberal Party (NOT the Liberal Democrats) believes in the principle of self-determination, whereby the people, not politicians, should decide their own future. Ideally our country’s most important issues, such as the EU, nuclear power, or an English parliament, should be decided by a national vote in a referendum.

4) In fact, many changes are required to make our country a safe and pleasant place in which to live. For example, no more overseas military adventures, a massive investment in the construction industry using local apprenticeships, a proper living wage, electoral reform, and a state bank offering interest-free loans.

5) I am aware this is a safe Conservative seat and that is not likely to change after May 7. However, you still have an opportunity to send Westminster a message for change. By voting for me that message says you don’t want to be listened to just at election time but ALL of the time! Vote for that change.

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