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Building Liberty & Nation

EARLIER this year we published an article Building Our Media Infrastructure which noted that the National Liberal Party has several key strategies. Our article – – looked at one of these objectives: building the infrastructure of an alternative mass media of news, information and entertainment.

We know that all of our publications generate enthusiasm and a positive response. However, we want to build a much larger audience for our media – therefore, we announced that we’d be featuring the lead articles from each of our publications to date. The idea is that when these articles appear, NLP members and supporters would viral them out via social media.

We also stated that although the articles will be dated to some extent we’d appreciate any comments, observations or suggestions – good bad or indifferent.

Before St. George’s Day we kicked off with the lead article from issue 1 of English Voice the voice of the NLP in England (1). We followed that up with the lead article from issue 1 of Caledonian Voice – the voice of the NLP in Scotland. (2).

This time we’re publishing the lead article from issue 1 of Liberty & Nation – originally produced in October 2012. (Readers will note that L&N uses the phrase ‘Third Way.’ Here it is used here in a Scottish political context in that it refers to a position that goes beyond independence and unionism. Please note that that there are no official connections between the NLP or L&N and groups bearing a similar name.)

We’re not aware of any reviews of issue 1 of L&N, so we’d like to hear from any folks who’d be willing to produce a review of it or who’d be able to produce articles for future issues.

Similarly, we want to hear from anyone who can suggest subjects for future L&N e-posters. To date, we’ve produced this one which looks at ‘bread and butter’ issues like jobs and housing:

With this in mind what else should L&N highlight?

To submit your ideas, simply e-mail us or look out for this article on the National Liberals facebook site and have your say in the comments section.


Federalism For Britain!

Issue 1 of Liberty & Nation is still available. To get hold of your FREE pdf copy, simply e-mail today.

THE FORTHCOMING Scottish Constitutional Referendum – currently scheduled for Autumn 2014 – will primarily determine Scotland’s future. However, the result will also have a direct effect on the make-up of the rest of the UK. It may also cause us to re-examine national relationships within the British Isles – and possibly Europe as well.

At the moment, much of the debate concerning the Scottish referendum seems to revolve around what choices will be offered to the electorate. Initially, it appeared that these choices would be limited to maintaining the status quo (i.e. retaining the union) or independence. However, the call for some form of maximum devolution (more commonly known as ‘Devo-Max’) to appear on the ballot paper appears to be growing.


For those who don’t know, Devo-Max would allow for the fullest devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament with only the minimum of ‘UK matters’ such as defence and foreign affairs remaining in the hands of the Westminster Government. In short, Devo-Max could be regarded as a ‘Third Way’ beyond Independence and unionism.

The National Liberal Party – NLP – supports the idea of having Devo-Max included as one of the choices offered to the electorate in the Scottish Referendum. We’d also rather have a Preferendum as well, but that’s another story altogether! However, as well as campaigning for Devo-Max to be included on any ballot paper, the NLP supports the idea of Devo-Max for Scotland.


But our support for the idea of Devo-Max doesn’t just begin and end in Scotland. In fact, we believe in federalism for the whole of Britain! This means that all of the home nations should have their own parliament. This will leave Westminster to act solely as a UK-wide ‘inter-national’ parliament.

The NLP believes that this is also the only way of addressing English grievances over the West Lothian question (where Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs at Westminster can vote on policies that only affect England but English MPs can’t vote in the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish devolved governments) and the Barnett Formula (which ensures that England gets a raw deal when it comes to the money spent on essential public services.) Devo-Max will give England its own parliament.

Our form of Devo-Max will also recognise the ethnic and cultural differences between the peoples and nations of Britain. It’ll also honour the similarities – for instance our shared history, heritage and way of life.

That’s why the National Liberal Party says Federalism For Britain!



ISSUE 4 of Liberty & Nation is due out in the next couple of weeks. Look out for further news in due course. In the meantime, to get hold FREE pdf copies of issues 1 – 3, simply e-mail

• DEBATE is free with the NLP! The National Liberal Party would really appreciate your comments – good bad or indiffent – on the above article. To share your views, simply e-mail us or look out for this article on the National Liberals facebook site and have your say in the comments section.

• FOR all your international, national, local news and debates check out the National Liberals facebook site It is usually updated on an hourly basis so it’s best to visit on a regular basis!

• ALSO check out the National Liberal Party’s Twitter feed @NATIONAL_LIBERA

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