Monday, 20 May 2024

A New Front

Our resident poet reflects upon a ‘New Deal’ for Britain. Entitled a New Front, he takes a critical look at post war (post colonial) Britain’s international diplomacy and relations in comparison to China (Whilst we would much prefer to be more like Switzerland than China our political elites still like to pretend we are a ‘world power’, much to the cost of our young men and exchequer – Ed).

He says “Contrast China, a communist nation (a pauper and in isolation almost up to 1990), with Britain in a post war, post colonial era, but still a world power ostensibly able to take advantage of the world it had ruled up to early ’50’s and had many colonial friends to do deals with.

Yet Britain failed, while this ‘Red Nation of the east’ in the last 20 years has done deals with more than half of the planet on minerals, agriculture, you name it, and wielding incomparable power in the international arena to the astonishment of every other nation including Britain

I always thought that if only Britain had used its old links to better effect, it would have done much better and the blame lies with both Labour and Conservative rulers of Britain.

If China could inherit half the earth through deals, I honestly and strongly feel that Britain could have done better.

A New Front
Rise and rise to the challenge in front
With a vigour to renew the past intent
Of leading the people who have contempt
For the blue – red hustling for decades with failed attempt
At resolving national ills; so a new solvent
Of ills be found and may this be rich in content
No task too hard to dream for
And no height too high to scale for
When a nation’s constant crises beg
To right the wrongs of the past to break
The chain which binds it in shambles
Throwing this great nation into constant crises
A red nation of east inherits the earth
For wealth and power through silk diplomacy
While the nation that gave birth
To global dominance and model democracy
Slept on laurels of commonwealth
Failing to tap diplomacy for its own health
An astute nation strive at all times
To gather strength from friends and foes
The Britain under alternating blue-red leaders
Neither took goodwill of post colonial friends
Nor learnt from the emerging adversaries
For ensuring a healthy state of its bursaries
It’s time therefore to assemble
A new force to triumph the old failings –
A new movement which essentially ensemble
A new deal for a national wakening
To ride the old follies to their burial ends;
And to take pride in scaling new horizons
So rise and rise to the challenge in front.

© All rights reserved. Requests for permission to reproduce or translate-whether for sale or non-commercial distribution, should be addressed to E.Jesuthasan, e-mail

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