Saturday, 25 May 2024

People’s Alliance


Two small but ambitious political parties in the United Kingdom have launched on Armistice Day (11th November) a voluntary organisation known as the People’s Alliance (UK) to help co-ordinate joint campaigning initiatives. Remembrance Day honours the sacrifice countless thousands of Britons made in the name of both Country & the liberty of small nations. They pay homage to that noble sacrifice.

Both founding parties – The National Liberal Party and the United People’s Party – believe in fusing liberal and patriotic ideas in the best interests of all those in Britain. Their first joint national campaign will be announced shortly. Other parties and Independents will be invited to join in due course. Below is a statement on behalf of both organisations.

“The People’s Alliance (UK) is an co-operative body which aims to encourage all ‘centrist’ and ‘inclusive’ minor parties in Britain, who strongly believe that some real change is needed in this country, to work together on common issues. We are open to all those that fit this criteria.

The parties involved may not agree on all issues and solutions but are united in a common cause – the promotion of the nation’s values and the use of common sense politics and rational debate to solve the many issues that have struck Britain and the British economy.

Members of the PA (UK) coalition are not surrendering their values or identities, but agree to promote those values referred to above in a spirit of co-operation. We are determined to put our best foot forward and work together for a cause that we all stand firmly in favour of.

United, we can, and will, break the mainstream parties grip on this country and be one step closer to creating a government of the people, for the people.”

Cllr. David Durant – National Secretary NLP & 07761976219

Cllr. Andrew Stott – Leader UPP

National Liberal Party (NLP)
The National Liberals are a (national) Liberal party in the UK that believes that the personal liberty of a nation’s citizens is paramount whilst accepting that this freedom is best preserved within the framework of a democratic nation state. A National Liberal therefore views democracy and patriotism as two sides of the same coin. They call this ‘National Liberalism’. It presently believes that personal liberties are under threat from a Big Brother state and Independence by interfering bureaucracies like the EU.

United Peoples Party (UPP)
The United People’s Party is a political party in the UK that works to combine the ideals of nationalism with those of equality and tolerance, fighting for the freedoms of the individual and promoting national unity. This is a party for all the people of Britain, regardless of faith, colour, sexuality, disability or origin. Together, united under one banner, we will change this country for the better.

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