Sunday, 26 May 2024

What do they get for their money?

MANY PEOPLE are now coming around to the idea that ideology is behind the Con-Dem coalition cuts. The Tories are the stronger grouping, so it’s their capitalist ideology in the driving seat. However, the Lib Dems seem to be happy – they’re going along for the ride.

Late last month we highlighted our opposition to a proposed new Employer’s Charter (see our article Who took the Liberal out of the Democrats?) It’s likely that it will seek to increase the period of qualification for most employment rights to two years. It’s thought that it will also demand that employees should pay a ‘bond’ in order to bring an action at an Employment Tribunal.*

The National Liberal Party regards these suggestions as favouring Employers at the expense of the legitimate rights of employees.

We described them as “outrageous proposals” and feel that represent an attack on employee rights. They go much further than what one would expect of a Tory government – one that would “be biased towards Employers.

Our view has been reinforced by recent media reports which disclosed that the City of London has provided more than 50% of the funding for the Tories last year.

City fatcats like George Magan, David “Spotty” Rowland and Stanley Fink – and others – gave the Tories a total of £11.4m.

Another 57 donors gave more than £50,000 to the Tories last year. This level of funding would entitle them to face-to-face meetings with the Prime Minister.

So what do they get for their money?

Could the answer be the destruction of the welfare state, a cut in living standards, attacks on pensions and throwing millions on to the scrapheap?

If you’re one of those unlucky enough to be shafted by the Con-Dem government, just remember the mantra of the millionaires Cameron and Clegg – “We’re all in this together!

* The National Liberals have organized a petition to oppose the Con-Dem attacks on employment rights that we mentioned in our (above) article. You can sign it here

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