Sunday, 21 April 2024

Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama. (Part 2)

TOWARDS the middle of June we published part 1 of an article by Caitlin Johnstone which was originally published by the US on-line publicatione Medium. You can read the original – and full article here:

This is the second part. Here, Johnstone continues with her general theme, which is that President Trump is not really much different from President Obama. The National Liberal Party would go one further and say that probably since President Bush, all have been working at the behest of the US Military-Industial complex. They’re all effectively working for the Yankee Dollar.

All US presidents talk about ‘freedom’ and the ‘American way’. How much of this they really believe is open to debate. But one thing is very clear – the only real difference in US policy is down to personality. We believe that if Hillary ‘the War Hag’ Clinton had been elected, she would have followed much the same path as Trump – especially when it came to foreign affairs. Anything else would have just been political theatre. At the end of the day, big business and high finance will dictate what the US does. Money is God to many politicians, so they simply dance to the tune of capitalism.

This article should be read directly on from part 1, which you can find here:’t-another-hitler-he’s-another-obama-part-1 We invite our readers to share their thoughts when this article is reproduced on our Facebook sites here and here It goes without sayin that there are no official links between Caitlin Johnstone, Medium and the National Liberal Party.


Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama. (Part 2)

Both President Donald Trump and wannabe President Hillary Clinton are working for the Yankee Dollar. The only difference between them is purely cosmetic – it’s simply political theatre. At the end of the day, big business and high finance will dictate what the US does. Money is God to many politicians, so they simply dance to the tune of capitalism.

In the lead-up to the November elections those of us on the left who backed third parties were promised over and over and over by Democratic party loyalists that if Hillary Clinton failed to secure the election they’d be goose-stepping stormtroopers patrolling the streets and murdering non-whites with impunity, concentration camps for Muslims and white supremacist extermination programmes. Comparisons to Hitler went on nonstop, and anyone who failed to fall in line with the mainstream liberal narrative can attest that they were accused of aiding actual, literal Nazism on a regular basis.

A year into Trump’s presidency, and not only did the apocalyptic predictions of national genocide fail to come true, he’s not even deporting as many immigrants as Obama (1). He is, however, out-bombing him (2).

We were promised another Hitler. Instead, we got another Obama, who was himself another Bush.  The march into corporatist Orwellian police state at home and globalist oligarchic hegemony abroad continues unhindered for the United States of America.

And of course that march would have continued had Hillary won as well, it just would have looked a bit different. Fewer environmental deregulations, likely catastrophiv escalations against the Syrian government and possibly Russia, the exact same approaches to Iran, just as much hawkishness toward North Korea but minus the tweets about button sizes, no attempts at dismantling Obama’s corporatist healthcare plan. Not much more than that.

Nobody wants to hear this. The Democrats still want to believe that the sitting president is simultaneously a Nazi, a Kremlin secret agent, an idiot, and a lunatic, and Trump supporters want to believe that he’s a populist savior fighting to liberate the nation from the claws of the deep state. Because of their partisan blinders they will both find reasons to believe they’ve got either a savior or a traitor in the White House despite the fact that their country’s actual policy and behaviour remains more or less the same.

I still sometimes get Democrats telling me (3) that Trump is about to flip into Hitler 2.0 any minute now and start throwing non-whites into extermination camps. Whenever I point that they were wrong about their “your choices are Hillary or Hilter” alarmism I get a bunch of them telling me “give him time”. Well he’s had time. They were wrong. They didn’t get a Nazi, they got another shitty neocon. And since the Dems have been paced into alignment with the neocons ther’s no one left to oppose their agendas, which is why we’re seeing so little pushback on Trump’s Iran saber rattling.

I get Trump supporters telling me that he’s fighting the deep state, but the only way you believe that at this point is to redefine what “deep state” to mean to mean “Democrats and their supporters”, which would actually just be more partisan bickering, which is all we’re actually seeing at this point. The only people you see pushing the collusion narrative and working for impeachment at this point are Democrats and Never-Trumpers; now that Trump has proven himself a good, compliant little boy the intelligence community has been putting its energy into the anti-détente propaganda effort to manufacture support for its new cold war escalations instead.




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