Saturday, 18 May 2024

The Prison of Prisms

Our resident poet Jason reflects upon the scandal of the US Government’s (and possibly the UK’s GHQ via them) using a programme ‘Prism’ to read peoples communications by tapping into major private servers.

Dear Friends,

The poem “Prison of Prisms” tackles the very hot debate currently on : on intelligence gathering programme called “prism” tapping into everything we the modern social net-workers use daily including this message and Yahoo, Google, Skype, Microsoft and so on. Though the global village shrinks to a controllable size for “prism” programmes to manage, the whistle blowers too surface to check the State’s excessive spying, often bordering on illegal use of such programmes, on the ordinary man. Hence the words liberty, freedom, privacy etc when politicians speak, but be warned, they are actually asking your permission to create prisons for you………
The Prison of Prisms
Exalted Liberty got fatally shot-on,
Freedom bleeds by Achilles tendon,
Privacy dear to people, to pieces blown
By state apparatus – the be-all-guardian
Of people, taking liberty to a new mean’ng!
The nets of web, cast wide to press-on,
The dawn of information age; encapsulate
The ignorant ordinary man into prison,
Gate –kept by members, the very electorate
Elect; hence the world a prison of prisms.
Orwellian state came long of age
The prism moves of states – a new passage
Into controlling this global village
We call earth. Ever grows large
The nation state and its secret pillage
Of everything humans exchange!
Liberty get pinched to upstage security,
Thrown to wind, balance and accountability,
Prisms part of overtly networked society;
Prisons too will expand to cage masses with impunity
And yet modern Orwells’ shall rise too, to check the authority
Of states!
© All rights reserved. Jason @ e-mail
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