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NLP backed candidate wins seat

An independent candidate backed by the National Liberal Party (NLP) has won a Council seat.  Michael Burton topped the poll with 661 votes. His closest rival came a comfortable margin behind. The NLP and Third Way were criticised by ‘Nutzis’ and extremists for backing Michael just because he is black. To be fair, the BNP itself did not target or attack Michael. They fought a clean campaign. We support Michael because he is the best man for the job – and the voters have agreed! Good to see that so many saw beyond mere skin colour and voted for a positive policy agenda.

Michael tells us he aims to represent everyone in the ward to the best of his ability, including those who voted for the British National Party. He says he will listen to them and deal sympathetically with any genuine local concerns as he will those who voted for other Parties. 

Full results for the South Hornchurch (Havering by-election) are:-
Michael Deon Burton, Independent, 661
Anthony Allan Steff, British National Party, 518
Christopher Peter Richard Ryan, Conservative, 438
Graham Michael Carr, Labour, 416
Reg Whitney, Havering Residents Association, 287
Craig Jason Litwin, UK Independence Party, 64
Dr Peter Thorogood, English Democrats – ‘Putting England First!’, 28  
Malvin Paul Brown, Residents Association of London, 17
Mark Ronald Whitehead, No description, 17


New twist in South Hornchurch by-election


The South Hornchurch by-election on July 3rd took another twist with the announcement that one of the Independent candidates Mark Whitehead, standing on behalf of the South Hornchurch Green Belt Action Group (SURG), is withdrawing from the contest.

 Mr Whitehead said he was concerned that the Independent anti-over-development vote would be split. Because the other candidate Mr Michael Deon Burton was better placed to capture that vote he was to withdraw. Because he will still be on the ballot paper he would be actively campaigning to divert any possible voters to Mr Burton.


The NLP also withdrew our candidate in favour of Michael since in our opinion and now clearly in others too, he is the best man for the job. We provided a statement of support for his election leaflet.


The full list of those standing is:


  • Brown (Residents Association of London)
  • Burton (Independent)
  • Carr (Labour)
  • Letwin (UKIP)
  • Ryan (Conservative)
  • Steff (BNP)
  • Thorogood (English Democrat)
  • Whitehead (now campaigning on behalf of Burton)
  • Witney (Havering Residents Association)





By-Election campaign hots up

As previously reported the National Liberal Party (NLP) withdrew its candidate at the forthcoming council by-election in South Hornchurch in favour of an Independent (but part of the coalition group -The Peoples Alliance). Following on so soon from the London Assembly elections it came as a surprise to find no less than nine candidates. Already the more serious ones have begun distributing leaflets: Labour (4), Conservative (3), BNP (2), and UKIP (1). Our activists have been busily helping the Independent candidate and his team with his own leaflet(s) (which includes an endorsement from our local NLP Chairman).

Sadly some neo-Nazis have sought to attack Michael Burton on account merely of his skin colour. They have attacked the NLP for supporting his campaign. To his credit the British National Party candidate has not involved himself in this kind of naked race hate and has campaigned on the issues. The NLP message is clear. We support Michael because we believe he is the best man for the job. We will intensify our campaigning on his behalf in response to these embittered, twisted misfits.

A popular Community activist (and the only local candidate) Michael Deon Burton has an excellent chance of winning the seat. All  local NLP supporters have been urged to lend him support. As usual all the establishment parties are jumping on Michael’s bandwagon i.e. opposition to over-development (of greater local importance than national policy). Of course their concern prior to the election was noticeable by its absence and will doubtless fade again after. Hopefully voters are now wise to this establishment cycle of interest during elections and disinterest before and after. 

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