Saturday, 15 June 2024

Policies Key to Winning Future Elections

Our resident poet, Jasan, doesn’t just delight us with his prose for he has political insight too! He recently sent us his thoughts on what he regards as some of the key contemporary issues facing the UK. We thought we’d share it with you. We certainly agree with his sentiments!

The British electorate – the stake holders of the mother of Parliamentary Democracy – are at present getting the worst deal on several fronts from the current parties in power.

Whoever has bold and new political thinking and vision to address the key issues afflicting British Society, will do well and can, in my opinion, win power.

Key issues include:

1. Parliamentary Reform (Upper House, Proportional Representation, Sleaze-less chambers etc)

2. Pension Reform (see below – Guardian Article*) as to how pensioners are being ripped off by the Pension Fund Holders

3. Banking Industry Reform to make small banks, including regional ones (as in Swiss Cantonal Banks), flourish and cut down the dominance of the City and the existing large banks


* The row broke out after the Labour leader cited research by the House of Commons library which showed that a monthly contribution of £50 over 40 years with a 0.5% annual fee would lead to a pension of £32,398. But the pension would halve in value to £15,964 if a higher annual fee of 4% is levied.

Consumer group Which? has found that Neptune UK Mid Cap Fund, one of the top 10 pension funds, imposes fees of 3.96%. Neptune says on its website: “We believe that a high standard of client service is an essential part of what we do.” (They would wouldn’t they – Ed).

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