Sunday, 21 April 2024

National Liberal Press Statement: Liberal Democrat defector launches video celebrating Magna Carta Day!

Ex-Lib Dem man launches video in support of rival party

(National Liberal) in run up to MAGNA CARTA Day (June 15th)!

New National Secretary of the National Liberal Party, Glen Maney (professional comedian, actor and ex-Liberal Democrat activist), has launched a video ( explaining why our liberties are under threat, why our way of life is worth preserving and his support for a ‘Green’ future. He is asking viewers to join or donate to his new party.

Dubbed a Moneybomb (in homage to Ron Paul’s supporters in the USA) it will be launched on the 15th June – Magna Carta* Day, which is a symbolic day of liberty.


Glen Maney, an recent defector from the LDs because of their ‘sell-out’ on policy, believes there is an ever increasing encroachment upon our civil liberties and individual freedoms. The phrase an ‘Englishman’s home is his castle’ is more than just a quaint phrase. It reflects an historic view that a Government’s writ largely remained outside our ‘ramparts’ and did not extend to personal affairs. In reality this has broken down with increasing attempts to intrude into our ‘private lives’ or ‘private views’ (should they not conform to the PC of the day).

Technology, whilst a ‘liberating’ force for many, is also being used to monitor us all. CCTV, DNA, Tracking devices, and communication eavesdropping and monitoring, are just a sample of the developments that will make it increasingly easier for any future Government to turn 1984 into a reality. National Liberals would like to see the creation of a Civil Liberties Minister who would act as a watchdog on state and private activity

The National Liberal Party under the leadership of Glen Maney will continue to expose the steady encroachment of our individual freedoms, civil liberties and way of life. Whilst the main political topics of the day; the economy, immigration, Europe and education presently hold the attention of political parties and the media we believe that concern over loss of civil liberties will one day hold everyone’s attention.

* This is the first recorded document where a King, previously ruling under a ‘Divine Right’, accepted that his ‘subjects’ had rights, including the right not to be gaoled without trial.


Contact: Glen Maney – National Secretary – National Liberal Party 0754 5821414 or
Address: PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ
Press Release (NLP03/11press) distributed by Accentuate – PR Company Contact:

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