Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Localism = Freedom From Central Government. 15 Minute Cities = Control By Central Government.

The National Liberal Party’s idea of localism is the complete opposite of the Government’s proposed 15 minute cities.

FIRST OF ALL, the National Liberal Party wishes to nail its colour’s firmly to the mast.  We are a movement that supports localism.   

But what is localism?   

As our poster notes, we define it as ‘a policy which supports the local production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.  It puts the local economy, community and environment first.’  

However, our idea of localism should not be confused with the government’s idea of 15 minute cities.  

The National Liberal Party is completely opposed to ‘big government.’  Instead, we favour ‘small government’.  We wish to restrict government functions to the absolute minimum.   

Government shouldn’t interfere in the day-to-day affairs of ordinary people.  We’ve absolutely no interest in extending the power & reach of what’s become known as the ‘Nanny States’.  

As we constantly note, our raison d’êtreis is economic, political & national self-determination.  

We firmly believe that our people (and nations) should be sovereign – and not subjects.  Therefore, we propose devolving all forms of power down to the lowest possible common denominator.   

Localism is the opposite of globalism.  

Localism is more to do with voluntary association & mutual aid.  Globalism is all about coercive control.  And that is why we localists oppose the globalists.  

Globalists – the banks, corporations & MSM – are only interested in money, power & control.  Effectively, they’re the new slave masters.  

With the above in mind, two things should be blindingly obvious:  

•  National Liberalism is all about freedom – and not control.  

•  And the National Liberal Party’s idea of localism is the complete opposite of the Government’s proposed 15 minute cities.

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