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Liberal Future: For A Europe Of Free Nations – BreXit Now!

Liberal Future believes that small is beautiful!  We wish to move away from gigantism towards more rooted way of living.  We want as little government interference in our daily lives as is possible.  These are just two of the reasons why we supported Brexit.

We feel that the the EU is a rich man’s club for powerful corporate big business and banking elites. Their underlings – the politicians – are simply happy enough with the trappings of power.

We also believe that the end goal for the EU is the formation of a United States of Europe. This will have to be a highly centralised political and economic system – systems we are bitterly opposed to.

We believe in what could be termed as a ‘Confederate States of Europe’ where free European nations would have the right to make their own laws, rules and regulations.  They should be allowed – indeed, encouraged – to keep their traditions, customs and way of life.  And all of these free nations would have the right to say how they work, who they trade with and who can come to live and work in their country.

We hope to develop this and other themes in future articles.
THE HISTORIC BREXIT vote of June 2016 has made one thing blindingly obvious.  And that is the vast gulf that exists between the global elite – represented by the likes of multinational corporations, banks and their client UK politicians – and ordinary working families.
For some reason, the likes of Nick Clegg (former Deputy Prime Minister, ex-Liberal Democrat leader and former MP for Sheffield Hallam), Tony Blair (former Prime Minister, ex-Labour Party leader and former MP for Sedgefield) and Sir John Major (former Prime Minister, ex Tory Party leader and former MP for Huntingdon) cannot accept the result of the EU Referendum.
In addition to this, they simply cannot understand why others think differently from themselves.  Indeed, they seem to believe that the views of people who voted for Brexit are somehow beyond the pale.
However, just because soemeone has a different view (or even holds unpalatable and/or ‘offensive’ views) doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed out of hand.  The essence of democracy is that one can engage in debate with those who hold alternative view points.  To completely dismiss such people, and incorrectly label them as xenophobic, racist and homophobic, is both lazy and totally dishonest.  Surely it’s better to beat your opponent in honest and open debate.  It’s known as free speech!
Those who represent the global elite can sneer and look down their noses at ordinary Brexit voters as much as they want.  It still doesn’t change the fact that the majority of Britons voted against the EU.  The attitude – and actions – of the elite it says more about Blair and company than it says about those who voted for self-determination.
Indeed, what is it with these estabilishment types?  Why are they so two-faced and hypocritical?
For example, if, say, a Labour candidate is elected, both the candidate and party heiracy would praise the voters to the heavens.  The politicians would claim that the electorate had read the manifesto, studied the issues and voted accordingly.  In addition, the voters would have been well-informed, voted with their head, and would have made the correct decision for both their local area and the country as a whole.
Come Brexit and this is all reversed!
Suddenly the electorate didn’t read any literature, is ill-informed, voted with their heart and simply didn’t understand the question.  Liberal Future cannot answer for everyone concerning the amount of literature they read and how informed they were.  And we concede that many people to some degree – as in all elections – voted with their heart.
However, we take issue with the Remainers (or is that Remoaners?!!) saying that the majority of the electorate – nearly 17 ½ million people – didn’t understand the question.  After all, the referendum ballot paper simply stated:
Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? The two responses were Remain a member of the European Union or Leave the European Union.
What’s not to understand about that?  The answer is either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  How could anyone misinterpret or misunderstand that?  It’s hardly rocket science.  If anyone is to blame it’s David Cameron, then a fully paid-up member of the political establishment.  He posed the question – but got the answer he didn’t want!
Basically, the elite are saying that it’s ok for the plebs to vote for their various client and establishment politician into power, with all the priviledges and financial reward that comes with it.  However, when the plebs vote in the national interest – and against the personal interests of the elite – we’re not to be trusted!
So let’s get this right.  Ordinary working folks are ok as long as they work to 65 and beyond, remain obodient consumers and pay their taxes.  They’re also useful to serve as cannon-fodder in some ill-thought out imperialist adventure.  But actually to have the nerve to vote as their conscience dictates – well, that’s entirely a different matter!
The arrogance of the elite is both disgusting and unbelieveable.  With this in mind, is it any wonder that on the day of the Referendum (23th June 2016) so many Britons stuck two fingers up to the establishment and told them to shove the EU where the sun doesn’t shine?!!!
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