Thursday, 20 June 2024

From The Liberty wall – English Green – Moving Up A Gear!

ENGLISH GREEN is the brainchild of novelist and musician, Tim Bragg.  He founded the group following the publication – in January 2005 – of A Declaration and Philosophy of Progressive Nationalism, which he co-authored with Graham Williamson.

Tim is also the spokesman for English Green – he describes its mission as “world ecology through small nations”and the moderator of its lively Facebook site.  Here, he ensures that any debate is fair, open, accurate and honest.

To date, English Green has largely used Facebook to perform an educational role.  In doing so it has attracted nearly 100 high-calibre supporters, all of whom have a long-standing interest in issues concerning the environment and animal welfare.

However, English Green doesn’t see itself as a mere talking shop, preaching to the converted.  It aims to move up a gear and turn its well-educated supporters into activists as well.  Therefore, it is initially considering the possibility of publishing an on-line publication aimed at raising public consciousness.  We hope to provide an update on this in the near future.

In the meantime one thing is very clear.  English Green is a truly unique environmental group. For instance it is neither left nor right wing – indeed it transcends these out-of-date political positions.

Additionally, it is willing to raise questions that some environmentalist and animal welfare groups – not forgetting the uber-Politically Correct Green Party – would run a mile from.  These include the effect mass immigration has on the environment and highlighting the horror of ritual slaughter.  (For the record, we only support sustainable growth – and that includes population growth – and we oppose all forms of animal cruelty.)

If you want to find out more about English Green, check out its Facebook page:!/groups/167522623276444/

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