Thursday, 20 June 2024

Capitalism Void of Conscience
We have published several articles of late concerning the benefit of a distributist economy i.e. where the workforce own the businesses they work in, whether as self-employed, in a partnership or as cooperatives. One, amongst many positives, with such a structure is that such enterprises would not be paying themselves inordinate salaries or bonuses. Our resident poet Jasan has this contribution to share with readers.

“The target of my latest poem are the Rhino-hide capitalists in Britain who among themselves reward each other millions of shares and bonuses despite some of these businesses doing poorly in the current business climate or them owned by the public, having been saved from Bankruptcy.

It is not only the private businesses which are doing this, according to the Independent newspaper over the weekend even public mandarins also taking bonuses exceeding 100k. Despite some refusing to take these shameful bonuses, many of the CEOs and Board Members help each other to take exorbitant levels of bonuses which shock ordinary folk. Infact there is a vicious circle of elites who help each other with this shameful business.”


Honour and dignity mean nothing to some.
There’s swagger to scrounge public and private purse’.
Elite race to pile enormous wealth – a curse.
Greed amidst the elite, a national shame.
Toil workers for years to earn few shillings,
Come CEO’s to butcher them businesses.
While labour swelling doll queues,
Kangaroo boards rewards millions to butchering bosses.
Such is the state of modern capitalism,
Preach against it and one painted in red-isms
Reach of its strangling web oft not in view,
Breach this hold, a nation has to, for it to survive.
Capitalism void of conscience – a fact,
Proven from yester years slave traders
To present day Kangaroo boards of schemers.
Prune this not clean, obituary which awaits the state.

© All rights reserved. Requests for permission to reproduce or translate-whether for sale or non-commercial distribution, should be addressed to E.Jesuthasan, e-mail

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