Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Buying Local to Support Your Local Economy

BUYING LOCAL means that you are supporting your local economy. In fact several studies have demonstrated that when you buy from an independent locally-owned business as opposed to a chain store, significantly more of your money is used to buy from other local businesses and service providers. This means that your money is going straight back into your own community. It also means that you are reducing your carbon footprint and saving on rising fuel costs.

By buying local you are regaining your economic culture, retaining your independence and keeping your individuality. Why not buy what you want not what someone else wants you to buy? Small businesses select their goods based not on a national sales plan but on the needs of their local customers.

Local shops are the glue that bind communities together

Did you know that small local businesses are the largest employer both nationally and in our local communities? They are also the greatest supporters of charities which receive 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do larger businesses.

The benefit to you the consumer of buying local is that you receive much better customer service because local businesses take more time to get to know customers and as they are mainly owner-operated you benefit from the fountain of knowledge they have which will be first class! Their staff also tend to have a better understanding of the products they are selling and they are also more approachable and keen to resolve any problems that may arise.

The closure of local independent shops, businesses and traders would be catastrophic to any local community as it would force residents to travel further and limit their choice. Reduced local competition may well encourage the remaining suppliers – in particular the main multinationals – to inflate their prices. Small business is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long term.

Local shops and traders are mainly based in local town centres and require comparatively little investment in infrastructure. Shopping local also makes more efficient use of public services thus ensuring that your taxes are put to good use. Think of the amount of money that is spent on the infrastructure when large out-of-town supermarkets are built.

Buying local may not be the complete answer to the recession but perhaps can alleviate some of its local effects. It can help solidarity with people pulling together to help themselves and each other.

Ten Reasons To Shop Local

• Buy local and support your local community

• It keeps our community unique

• Local shops sell a wide range of products

• It is more environmentally friendly

• It ensures your taxes are put to good use

• Shopping local saves you money

• Buying local creates LOCAL jobs

• Buy what you want – not what someone wants you to buy

• Local shops value their customers more

• It keeps prices low and ensures innovation in the long term

Go on – make a difference and shop local!

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